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Our AI Cam Control (AICC) application improves camera management and control | LAIA
AI Cam Control
Power your camera with AICC software. It allows you to conveniently manage and control your different cameras by adding advanced AI functionalities.
myTeam Planner
An all-in-one solution (hardware + software) for optimization and planning.
B&H PC Pro 4K and FHD
New cameras of the Business & Home family.
Intelligent Audiovisual System
Power your camera with IAVS software. It allows you to automate the tracking and switching of your Laia IP cameras using voice tracking technology.
New AICC licenses
Discover the new AICC Premium and For All licenses, with more advanced features to enhance your cameras.

Business & Home





B&H brings the world of audiovisual solutions for videoconferencing communication to all types of users with devices designed for teleworking, for personal use or for classrooms or small rooms. All-in-one solutions with 4K quality and facial recognition.
Range of Plug&Play devices for instant connections. 4k cameras, with intelligent speaker tracking, facial and voice recognition, compatible with the main videoconferencing services. Simple, effective and reliable audiovisual solutions for medium and large venues.
Exclusive standalone videoconferencing equipment based on Windows 10 or H323/SIP. Classic videoconferencing, with the latest technology on the market.
Range specially designed for AV productions and streaming solutions. Include NDI ® | HX and SRT licenses.
Microphones and desktop or ceiling loudspeakers, capable of meeting the needs of any meeting room: from personal use to large meeting rooms or auditoriums.
Innovative audiovisual solutions for videoconferencing | LAIA

State-of-the-art av technology

Innovative audiovisual solutions

At Laia, we offer excellence in audiovisual solutions. Our wide range of products is designed to offer the best videoconferencing experience, combining the most advanced technology with full compatibility with the main services in the AV market.

Whether for business meetings, live events or audiovisual productions, our solutions guarantee secure, reliable and high quality connections, meeting all the technical standards of the industry.


Full compatibility: Solutions for videoconferencing and more

Compatibility is key in the audiovisual world. That's why all Laia products integrate seamlessly with most video conferencing and production services on the market. In addition, we incorporate wireless communication technologies for total and unlimited collaboration.

With Laia, connectivity and quality add up to ensure that every meeting or production achieves its objectives.

Laia Academy

Laia Academy

Channel certification program

At Laia, we focus on the quality of our products, as well as on training and support for our partners.

Laia Academy is our innovative online certification program designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills of our distributors. Becoming an accredited Laia partner means access to exclusive resources and world-class training.


Power your camera with AI Cam Control

Our AI Cam Control (AICC) application improves the management and control of cameras, both from Laia and other brands, offering advanced functionalities thanks to artificial intelligence.

Whether IP cameras or USB cameras, AICC enhances the user experience by simplifying operations and adding state-of-the-art functionalities for accurate and efficient control.

Technology for videoconferencing and audiovisual production | LAIA


Choose Laia for advanced audiovisual solutions

When you choose Laia, you select a benchmark in audiovisual solutions. Our dedication to innovation, quality and compatibility positions us as a preferred choice for professionals and companies looking for the best in videoconferencing and audiovisual production technology.

Discover how Laia's solutions can transform your meetings and events, ensuring a high-quality and effective collaboration experience.

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