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Audiovisual solutions for offices and teleworking

High quality videoconferencing, with the best audiovisual equipment, specially designed to offer a perfect communication experience in all types of environments.

Quality, productivity and simplicity

People evolve. Companies change. And today's workspace demands professional audiovisual equipment that connects interests, departments or simply people.
In this scenario, Laia's solutions for professional videoconferencing are designed to enhance the performance of companies, optimizing their resources and efforts, no matter where they are located or the technology they use.

Premium Quality

Full HD and 4K devices proven in a multitude of professional environments.

Ease of use

Plug and play solutions, to have the right tools on the job easily, quickly and with excellent quality.

Fully interoperable

Compatible with the main videoconferencing and production services on the market.

They already trust us

In Laia we know that each room has different technical requirements and it is difficult to generalize them. That is why we recommend different equipment for different types of rooms.
Contact us and we will advise you on the best audiovisual solution for your meeting rooms.

Cameras for videoconferencing

Tailor-made audiovisual solutions

The use of technology and various communication tools has enabled day-to-day office work to take place almost anywhere - from a conference room to a coffee shop. This variety of environments demands tools and equipment that adapt to each situation. At Laia we know this and that's why we have audiovisual solutions designed for every environment.

Click on each of the following tabs to learn which equipment is recommended in each situation.

Distance is not a problem

This type of rooms are the most technical and complex, as it is essential to have equipment with high quality zoom and audio, designed for a large room.

These are spaces of more than 30 square meters, for more than 8 people, where variables such as the seating arrangement or the sound quality of the room should be studied by an audiovisual professional, in order to provide the space with the video and/or audio equipment required.

Cute VoiceTrack
t-Pod Wifi / Dual
t-Pod Air Pro Beamforming
t-Pod BT
t-Pod Beamforming

Full compatibility

All Laia products are compatible with most video conferencing/production services in the audiovisual market, guaranteeing secure, reliable and high quality connections, while complying with the technical standards of the market. They are also compatible with wireless communication technologies, ensuring a total collaboration experience.

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Support and maintenance

Find everything you need for your Laia equipment: manuals, user guides, frequently asked questions, access to after-sales support...

Extra Warranty

In addition to covering the legal warranty, all our products offer an extra support service, offered by Laia's product and after-sales team.