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B&H Pano 4K

The most inclusive 4K panoramic videoconferencing solution with integrated microphones

Thanks to the 180º panoramic coverage of its three 12MP cameras and 4K resolution, you will be able to make the most of your meeting room space. In addition, thanks to its easy USB Type-C connection, you will be able to use our Pano4K from the very first moment.

180º panoramic coverage for your meetings

180º panoramic vision ensuring full room coverage
Available at
triple camera
12 MP
4K UHD resolution for a seamless collaboration experience
6 different layouts to adapt to any communication scenario
Software with
multiple options
Compatible with all videoconferencing services

Laia B&H Pano4K is compatible with all video conferencing services on the market, based on Windows or MacOS. You will be able to use the software of your choice without having to install any type of program. No strings attached, in a simple Plug&Play way.

Multiple display options

Switch between the different layouts available thanks to its integrated software: no need for installation or complicated operations. Simply press the button on the top of the Laia B&H Pano4K and it will switch between its different display modes.

Main characteristics
  • Effective pixel: 12 MP
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Field of view: Horizontal 180º and vertical 60º.
  • Number of microphones: 2 digital microphones.
  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher MacOS X 10.9 or higher Linux Ubuntu 16.x or higher Chrome OS USB 3.
  • Videoconferencing platforms : Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebRTC, Webex, GoToMeeting, Pexip, Zoom or goFacing, among others.
Make the most of your meeting room

Its 4K UHD quality, three cameras and lenses, and configurations for recognition and viewing make our Laia B&H Pano4K the perfect choice for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

4K video and microphones in a single Plug & Play device

Complement your meetings with our B&H Talk

For meetings in larger rooms, you can connect your Laia B&H Pano4K with our Laia B&H Talk. Complement your video conferencing camera with this external microphone and speaker via its Bluetooth connection.

Play Video

Install your camera with Laia wall and ceiling brackets

With our Laia ceiling and wall mount you will be able to place your video conferencing camera in the place you prefer in your room. Get a professional quality support.

Power your camera with AI Cam Control

AICC is the software application that allows you to comfortably manage and control your different cameras from Laia or other brands whether IP or USB, adding advanced AI functionalities. Gesture control, presets, auto-tracking, mosaic of participants, video recording...

2-year "Professional Support" warranty for your equipment

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 2-year Professional Support warranty, including advanced replacement in case of failure, within 48 hours.

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Fixed camera

Effective pixels:
12 M
Effective pixels: 12 M
Output resolution:
3840×2160 (24fps)
Output resolution: 3840×2160 (24fps)
Horizontal viewing angle:
Horizontal viewing angle: 180°.
Vertical viewing angle: