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Turn your traditional classroom into a hybrid classroom

We implement all the technology in our products to be able to offer complete solutions guaranteeing a unique educational experience for teachers and students.

Hybrid classroom solutions

Why Laia?

As if I were in the classroom

We enhance the integration, monitoring and participation of students in the classroom thanks to our solutions, which allow them to communicate, express themselves and concentrate quickly, easily and efficiently.

Students will be able to follow and participate in classes feeling fully integrated in the classroom, achieving hybrid learning without complications and regardless of the time and place where they are.

Ease of use

We maximize the experience by guaranteeing teaching in a natural, easy and realistic way. We offer different complete solutions, being able to communicate at all times.

Thanks to the technology of our products, we can offer, from a panoramic view and quality, to a close-up of the content where you want to focus attention.

PLUG AND PLAY and up to 4K

Our plug and play solutions seek comfort and ease of use for teachers and students. We implement our technology in all products, to find solutions with incredible image quality in Full HD and 4K, ensuring to see and be seen with total clarity and naturalness.

Fully compatible with all videoconferencing platforms.

Solutions for every type of classroom

Thanks to our flexible technology, we can adapt different solutions based on each need. With Full HD and 4K cameras, coupled with Laia's advanced Artificial Intelligence, both students and teachers will have a unique experience. By adapting a customized configuration of the cameras, the teacher will be able to choose which part of the classroom or the blackboard he/she wants the camera to focus on at any given moment, having up to 255 scenes at his/her disposal.

Each classroom requires a customized solution based on its characteristics, Laia offers you the perfect combination to provide students and teachers with the AV equipment they need. Students will be able to focus on what really matters: their classes. And the teacher will be able to teach naturally using the latest technology. 

Use our equipment with your favorite videocollaboration service

The perfect solution for small classrooms

t-Pod BT
Cute 10X Black

Professional hybrid training in Full HD

Professional audiovisual quality

Cute 12X/20X AI
t-Pod Air Pro Beamforming


Probably the most important element in a hybrid classroom. After all, if no one can hear, or be heard, then you really don't have a classroom.

For the hybrid model to be successful, it is critical that students can listen to the teacher and at the same time listen to each other.


4K or Full HD quality cameras, allowing students at home to see both the teacher and their classmates. Fixed focus or robotic devices with auto-tracking (AI).

It is also important that learners present in the classroom do not forget the remote participants, a simple option is to use a back-up screen.


Devices that digitize the contents that the teacher uses in the classroom so that they can be optimally viewed by all students, no matter where they are.

The teacher will have the option to fix the camera on a point so that the students can see the area or the selection shown by the teacher in an enlarged form.


Everything related to communication tools (UC&C) and solutions facilitate the work of the teacher, creating a hybrid classroom and a transparent solution.

Device management is easy and simple, with Laia's plug and play solutions, to avoid the use of cables and different connection problems.

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