A solution for every meeting room

Meeting room cameras

Effective communication is one of the pillars of organizations. Because it's not just about talking, it's about understanding and connecting. That's why our Cute family of meeting room cameras is designed to overcome physical barriers, connect teams, enhance meetings and transform any space into a place of communication and connection.
All cameras in the Cute range areplug&play, compatible with leading video conferencing services, and their Full HD or 4K resolution (depending on model) ensures exceptional image quality.
In addition, models equipped with intelligent speaker tracking or voice and facial recognition further enhance meeting efficiency and interactivity.

intermediate collaboration spaces

Solutions for medium-sized meeting rooms

In medium-sized meeting rooms, it is crucial to have technology that is both powerful and easy to use. Our Cute cameras for medium-sized rooms combine simplicity with the advanced technology needed to conduct corporate meetings efficiently and reliably.
The visual and acoustic clarity they provide ensures that every participant, whether face-to-face or remote, will be seen and heard clearly, facilitating productive and effortless collaboration.

Click on each of the following tabs to find out what the medium-sized rooms look like, the number of users they can accommodate and the recommended equipment.

The ideal size for a medium-sized meeting room is around 30 square meters.

boardrooms or large collaboration spaces

solutions for large meeting rooms

Large rooms present particular challenges, especially in terms of visual coverage and audio quality. That's why our Cute range of large venue cameras are specially designed to overcome these challenges. With advanced zoom and high-quality audio, the cameras are able to capture every detail, ensuring that all participants, regardless of their location in the room, are an integral part of the meeting. Professional installation guarantees seamless integration with existing infrastructure, providing a long-term solution for larger-scale communication needs.

Large meeting rooms are larger than 30 square meters. Due to their size and distribution, they require a customized design and technological implementation for each organization.

Full compatibility

CUTE is Laia's range prepared to respond in a simple and uncomplicated way to corporate communication needs. All devices offer professional quality and the wide variety of models allows us to adapt them to the day-to-day requirements.

In addition, all Laia products are compatible with most video conferencing/production services in the audiovisual market. And they are compatible with wireless communication technologies, ensuring a total collaboration experience.

3-year "Prime Support" warranty

All Cute family products include Prime Supportour warranty and support service, for 3 years from product purchase (optionally extendable up to 5 years).

In addition to covering legal warranties, Prime Support adds an extra support service, offered by our product and after-sales team.