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t-Joy IP Broadcaster


IP Camera Controller with Joystick

Laia T-Joy IP is the perfect IP camera controller for your conference rooms, auditoriums or churches where the quality of realization is paramount. In addition, thanks to its 4D Joystick you can control the viewing plane of your cameras.

Professional realization

Supports network and 2 analog control modes. Independent IP addresses in network mode
VISCA, VISCA over IP, Onvif, PELCO-P, PELCO-D, and VISCA protocols are fully supported.
Software function control support for conference cameras
Variable speed 4D joystick control of cameras. Omnidirectional movements
Supports up to 7 camera shortcut control buttons for fast and easy operation
Control terminal for any collaborative environment

IP controller with Joystick, valid for any camera with VISCA protocol over IP. PTZ control with speed, focus, Zoom, etc. adjustments.

Main characteristics

✓ Supports the network control model and has a unique IP address.

Compatible with ONVIF, VISCA, and VISCA protocol

✓ Control of the conference camera software function, the central control.

✓ With the 4D joystick you can control the camera up/down, left/right, Zoom, ... etc.

✓ Zoom functionality button

✓ Supports the "Back Light Compensation" function of connected cameras. They are activated/deactivated independently.

✓ Supports configuration from the t-Joy IP or via web access through Internet Explorer.

Unleash your creativity

Enjoy the multiple options and advanced features of our control terminal. The perfect solution for any camera with VISCA over IP protocol from any location such as an event room, a church, an auditorium...

Technical characteristics

Interface RS422, RS232, IP RJ45, USB2.0

✓ DC12V-2A power supply.

VISCA, ONVIF2.4 protocol.

✓ Working temperature 0ºC~55ºC / 14°F~131°F

✓ LCD display method

✓ 4D Joystick

Prime Support Service with 3 years warranty

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime Support warranty, including advanced replacement in case of failure within 48 hours. Extendable to 5 years if desired.

The choice for conference rooms

Laia Broadcaster t-Joy IP is the perfect complement to your event/conference room recording equipment. Thanks to its 4D joystick you can capture what you need with your cameras being able to move the field of view of these in the four dimensions (length, width, depth and time).

3 years "Prime Support" warranty

Warranty and support service included for 3 years from product purchase. In addition to covering the legal warranties, Prime Support adds an extra support service, offered by our product and after-sales team.

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Operating system:
Operating system: Linux