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All types of events

Professional solutions to cover your events Laiatech offers to the market the best production solutions with which you can cover all the needs of the event in question. In addition, our Broadcaster range includes NDI ® | HX and SRT licenses in all its equipment. PREMIUM QUALITY Cameras and control consoles to create professional solutions with the highest [...]

Government and public administration

Secure and adaptable communications Audiovisual solutions have become a fundamental tool for governments and public administrations, especially in the current context of teleworking and remote communications. At Laia, we offer the necessary tools to communicate and collaborate effectively through Artificial Intelligence (AI), 4K quality, video and audio systems, and the [...]

Dedicated for medicine

We support healthcare Laia offers your center the best AV solutions on the market designed by and for the healthcare sector. Latest technology equipment made under the current communication standards and perfectly compatible with the communication software of your choice. Save resources, time and health with our AV solutions [...]

Special education

Hybrid Classroom Solutions Why Laia? STUDENT As if they were in the classroom We enhance the integration, monitoring and participation of students in the classroom thanks to our solutions, which allow them to communicate, express themselves and concentrate quickly, easily and efficiently. Students will be able to follow and participate in the lessons while feeling as if they were in the classroom.

Office work

Quality, productivity and simplicity Companies change. People evolve. And the current workspace in the corporate sector requires teams that connect interests, departments or simply people. A scenario in which Laia arrives to present its professional videoconferencing products for companies and thus enhance the performance of the company by optimizing resources and [...]