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Rebroadcast of Pope Francis' visit to Scholas Occurrentes

On the occasion of the arrival of Scholas in Valencia (Spain), Sydney (Australia) and Washington (USA), Pope Francis visited the headquarters located in Vatican City on May 20, 2021. A meeting that was broadcast live thanks to Laiatech equipment.

Administration of Justice of Galicia

The Administration of Justice of Galicia implements Laia's AV solutions in its Courtrooms in order to be able to meet telematically with any of the parties involved in any judicial process. In this way, the Galician Administration of Justice adapts to the situation caused by COVID-19.

University of Santiago de Compostela

The University of Santiago de Compostela implements Laia's AV solutions, thus integrating the hybrid education model and maintaining the quality of its teaching.

Base School

Colegio Base has implemented Laia's audiovisual solutions with the objective of maximizing the student's experience and knowledge, merging the positive aspects of online education without forgetting the importance of the socializing work of the educational center.