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You are one step away from
your first meeting
without cables.

myTeam Sharer makes video conferencing and presentations easy.
Just connect to myTeam Sharer and you can present and share your screen wirelessly.

With the best quality
Videoconferencing with
4K resolution up to 60fps.

Without wasting time
Share your presentation
quickly and easily.

Multiple options for
to share your screen.

No limits
Stream from
any device.

One-click wireless sharing

myTeam Sharer makes it easy for you

One-click wireless sharing
With myTeam Sharer you are one click away from wirelessly projecting content from your device (PC, mobile or tablet) onto the main screen of your meeting or training room.

Easy and fast

You arrive in the room, open the computer, connect to myTeam Sharer in seconds... and you can share your screen or make your video conferences wirelessly.

Take the step

myTeam Sharer includes a mini dongle in USB A and C format, three antennas and two fixing brackets. In addition, you can order it with an optional USB C or HDMI dongle.

Compatible with multiple platforms

3-year "Prime Support" warranty.

Discover the full potential of myTeam Sharer

It is easy and intuitive. Through the Dongle you don't need to install any executable, just by pressing it we can transmit all the content wirelessly.

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