Turn your traditional classroom into an hybrid one

Laia Cute PC Pro

FullHD quality for personal use

Personal video conference? I am your best friend. FullHD quality and with 3D noise reduction algorithm

Laia TP1

Telepresence quality

in just a all in one Video system for full collaboration.

Cute 12x/30x

Probably the best USB, HDMI & Ethernet camera in the world.

Cute Lite

Mobility & quality in a P&P device: incredible wide cristal clear image.

MyTeam 4K Windows

Where tech meets Arts:
under Windows 10 system.

So easy... so exclusive... so unique.


Designed for classrooms and auditoriums: follow the speaker without distractions.

Broadcaster 20X/30X

The best affordable quality, for professional broadcast.

T-pod Beamforming

High definition audio thanks to its matrix of 12 internal unidirectional microphones and Beamforming technology

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras to protect your company and yours. Use the Cute Thermal over USB and the Broadcaster Thermal over HDMI or Ethernet cable


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Transform your traditional classroom

in a hybrid classroom