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Laiatech shows at your disposal our range of professional audio and video devices to make the most of your team meetings.

Laia Cute PC Pro

B&H range

Laia B&H PC Pro

The Laia Cute PC Pro captures Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. In addition, together with its 3D noise reduction algorithm, the Laia PC Pro will significantly eliminate image noise, achieving sharp productions even in tight lighting conditions.

B&H range

Laia B&H Lite

The all-in-one FullHD digital video device with audio and wide-angle camera, designed for small to medium size meetings, up to 4 participants, thanks to its 120º wide-angle lens.

Laia Cute Up lite sala

B&H range

Laia B&H UP 4K

Laia B&H UP 4K is an integrated video conferencing device with a total of four microphones and wide-angle HD cameras. In addition, our Laia B&H UP 4K features facial recognition technology, a perfect technology to use in your daily meetings or remote education, among others.

B&H range

Laia B&H Talk

Laia B&H Talk enables 360° omnidirectional audio pickup and captures sounds at a range of up to 5 meters. Device with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms for a clear and smooth meeting experience.

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Laia Cute Up lite

AV solutions for any type of environment

With Laiatech AV solutions you will be able to cover the communication needs of any type of environment. Enjoy all our communication possibilities thanks to the total interoperability of our equipment.

Discover the best AV solutions to implement in a corporate environment and for all types of rooms: small, medium or large.
Implement hybrid education in your educational center thanks to Laia's AV solutions.
Perfect solutions for medical environments where quality communication is necessary.
Cameras and production controllers to cover all the needs of your events in function rooms, auditoriums ...
Guarantee professional audio and video with our AV solutions designed for environments such as governments, public administration ...


The entire range of Laia products are perfectly compatible with most video conferencing / production services on the AV market. Thanks to our interoperability, you will get safe, reliable and high quality connections complying with the technical standards of the market.

In addition, we support wireless communication technologies, ensuring a total collaboration experience where you can start meeting and sharing data with a single click.

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Laia Academy: Laia's certification programme

Laiatech strengthens its channel programme with a technical tool available online. Laia Academy is the new certification programme for the channel to become an accredited Laia partner. 

3-year "Prime Support" warranty for your equipment

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime warranty, including advanced replacement in case of failure within 48 hours.

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