Distance is not a problem

Wireless audio controller for large rooms

t-Pod Quad 22

P/N: TPQ22

t-Pod Quad 22

P/N: TPQ22+

The audio solution for large meetings or events

Intelligent audio processing

The Laia t-Pod Quad 22 is an audio controller for network video conferencing based on internet communication. With 4 omni-directional microphones cascaded together wirelessly in 2.4G, it can be connected to an array of active speakers. In addition, the t-Pod 22 Plus option features a built-in active speaker to make your meetings a more complete experience.

4 Removable omnidirectional wireless microphones

2m range 360º each

PLUS option with built-in loudspeaker

Sala de videoconferencias

Wide pick-up range due to 4 microphones

The pickup range of just one of its omnidirectional microphones can reach up to 2 meters, allowing you to conduct natural and fluent bidirectional meetings at the same time, offering users a high quality meeting experience.
Also compatible with wireless handheld microphone, typically used for large conferences or any other type of events or entertainment venues.

Micrófono para videoconferencia Laia tpod quad 22 quad

Wiring diagram of the t-Pod Quad 22

Wiring diagram of the t-Pod Quad 22 Plus

Professional after-sales service with 3 years warranty

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime guarantee, including advanced replacement in case of failure in 48 hours (optional up to 5 years).

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Compatible with multiple platforms

One of Laia’s great strengths is that our audio systems are compatible with the vast majority of video conferencing services on the market. You can use the native software of your video conferencing server without installing any type of program.

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