CUTE VoiceTrack


If someone speaks, it follows.

The exclusive camera for premium meetings.

Cámara USB Laia Cute VoiceTrack

Medium to large rooms tracking camera 

Automatically focuses on the speaker… no matter how far away they are

Laia Cute VoiceTrack is our exclusive camera with autofocus and speaker tracking, with 12x optical zoom. Unique technologies that in practice perform a mix of intelligent voice and face tracking, so that if two speakers speak at the same time, the shot will open up to capture both of them in the image.

12X optical zoom for full HD close-up photography

Speaker automatic framing during the presentation

USB camera with HDMI 2.0

ClickShare Conference by Barco compatible

Sala videoconferencias Laia Cute VoiceTrack

Supports videoconferencing and wireless communication services

Laia Cute VoiceTrack is compatible with all video conferencing services on the market, based on Windows or MacOS. In addition, you can use this all-in-one solution with Barco’s ClickShare Conference wireless communication solution.

The best friend for video conferencing in executive rooms

Designed to be placed at a height of between 1.20-1.80 metres from the floor, our Laia Cute VoiceTrack ensures a perfect FullHD image without loss thanks to its SDI connector, so you won’t lose any image quality. In addition, its 48º of vision will ensure a perfect framing of the speakers during all your meetings.

Main features

Set up your VoiceTrack once

You only have to connect it to your network and pre-configure your camera with our software through which you can change parameters such as the collection area, exclusion area or zoom, among other factors. Moreover, this configuration will be saved, so you won’t have to do it every time you turn on the equipment.

Cámara USB Laia Cute VoiceTrack

Your meetings have never been so easy

You can easily operate your camera with its remote control to control simple parameters such as zoom, focus area or activate its intelligent speaker tracking. 

Mando de cámara USB Laia Cute VoiceTrack

I want more information about this product

Professional after-sales service with 3 years warranty

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime guarantee, including advanced replacement in case of failure in 48 hours (optional up to 5 years). 

Control your video conferencing camera

With our Laia application you can change parameters such as brightness, zoom or the focus area of your video conferencing camera. With our control software you will give your professional videoconferences an extra boost by transforming your work room into the ideal space for your corporate meetings. 

Sala de videoconferencias mediana

The best choice for unique meeting rooms

Laia Cute VoiceTrack is perfect for medium and large videoconferencing rooms. 

Rooms that combine the simplicity of a small room – P&P cameras – and a perfect size for executive videoconferencing: simplicity of use, image quality and technological innovation, in Laia Cute Voicetrack.

Install your camera with Laia's wall and ceiling mounts

With our Laia ceiling and wall mount you can place your video conference camera in a fixed way in the place you prefer in your room. Get professional quality support with which you can forget about daily installations.

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