Laia Cute UP Pro

The audio and video bar for medium and large rooms

One of the most stylish all-in-ones

Laia Cute Up Pro is presented as one of the most elegant audio and video bars in Laia’s 2020 collection. In addition, thanks to its features, the Cute UP Pro turns any medium and large meeting room into a collaboration room to be used with all communication technologies.

Multi-technology Audio Bar

Thanks to the development of its software, you can use your Laia Cute UP Pro together with your preferred video conferencing solution Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Skype for business, goFacing or any video service compatible with Windows or Mac.

Main features

Elegance in the purest Laia style

Its sober and careful design together with technologies such as its 4K sensor make this terminal an element that cannot be missed in your meetings. In addition, we highlight the ease of use of this Laia Cute UP Pro being able to make professional videoconferences from the first minute.

Technical characteristics

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Professional after-sales service with 3 years warranty

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime guarantee, including advanced replacement in case of failure in 48 hours (optional up to 5 years).

Compatible with multiple platforms

One of Laia’s great strengths is that her cameras are compatible with the vast majority of video conferencing services on the market. You can use the native software of your video conferencing server without installing any type of program.

The option for large and medium video conferencing rooms

Laia Cute UP Pro is perfect for medium or large video conferencing rooms. These types of rooms are the most technical and difficult to cover since it is essential to have terminals that have a zoom and high quality audio designed for a large room. Furthermore, these types of rooms are perfect for combining Laia with other leading technologies such as digital whiteboards, among others.

Control your CUTE video conferencing camera

With these applications you can modify parameters such as brightness, zoom or the focus area of ​​your CUTE video conferencing camera. With the control software of our CUTE you will give a plus to your professional videoconferences, transform your work room into the ideal space for your corporate meetings. Also, if you have any questions about these programs, you can consult us in our contact section.

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