Laia Cute 10X

Endless possibilities at your fingertips.

Professional quality for all kind of spaces.

A versatile solution

Laia Cute 10X will be the perfect option to use in any meeting room, regardless of the video conferencing service you use. In addition, thanks to its 10X optical zoom you can capture all the important details for your professional video calls.

FullHD image for your company

Its impressive FullHD image from its 1 / 2.8 ”CMOS sensor with 1920 × 1080 resolution and up to 30fps coupled with its autofocus technology will allow you to enjoy professional video conferencing from the beginning.

Main features

The perfect complement to your meeting room

This USB Plug & Play solution with USB connection makes the Laia Cute 10X the perfect complement to any meeting room, regardless of the technology used. In addition, with the Laia Cute 10X you have the possibility to stream with just one click.

Laia Cute includes 15 days demo of

Technical characteristics

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Compatible with all videoconferencing and wireless communication services

Our cameras are compatible with all video conferencing services on the market, based on Windows or MacOS. In addition, you can use our equipment with ClickShare Conference wireless communication solutions from Barco and Biamp Modena. Multiply the communication possibilities of your meetings with Laia and all its compatible technologies.

The choice for medium video conference rooms

Laia Cute 10X is perfect for medium video conferencing rooms. These types of rooms are the most common today as they have the best of the other two types of rooms: the simplicity of a small room and a standard size perfect for professional corporate video conferencing.

Control your CUTE video conferencing camera

With our Laia application you can change parameters such as brightness, zoom or the focus area of your CUTE video conferencing camera. With our CUTE control software you will give your professional videoconferences an extra boost by transforming your work room into the ideal space for your corporate meetings. 

Install your camera with Laia's wall and ceiling mounts

With our Laia ceiling and wall mount you can place your video conference camera in a fixed way in the place you prefer in your room. Get professional quality support with which you can forget about daily installations.

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Prime Support warranty

Discover all the benefits it has for you to enjoy our 3-year Prime Support guarantee for all your Laia equipment.