B&H PC Pro


Wherever you go, always with you

Cámara USB videoconferencia Laia Cute PC Pro

FullHD camera with microphones for personal use.

The only personal camera with ePTZ and presets*

Compact Plug&Play design

USB connector compatible with Windows and Mac

Professional quality FullHD camera

2 omnidirectional digital microphones

Barra para videoconferencia Laia Cute PC Pro

Laia B&H PC Pro

Full HD quality for personal use

The Laia B&H PC Pro captures Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. In addition, together with its 3D noise reduction algorithm, the Laia PC Pro will significantly eliminate image noise, achieving sharp productions even in tight lighting conditions.

Laia B&H PC pro

Amazing audio quality

Clear sound emission and professional audio pickup thanks to its 2 digital echo cancellation microphones that will provide perfect coverage for a small meeting space.

Cámara para videoconferencia Laia Cute PC Pro

Laia Cam Control

* Unique functions for your personal video conferencing camera

Download the Laia Cam Control app and add to your Laia B&H PC Pro features such as ePTZ, presets, different image settings… extra functionalities for your personal camera!

Laia B&H PC Pro

From anywhere, for any meeting

Professional sound quality thanks to echo cancellation and digital noise reduction.

Compatible with all videoconferencing platforms and solutions

Our cameras are compatible with all video conferencing services on the market, based on Windows or MacOS. In addition, you can use our equipment with ClickShare Conference wireless communication solutions from Barco and Biamp Modena. Multiply the communication possibilities of your meetings with Laia and all its compatible technologies.

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