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The 4K video conferencing solution with integrated microphones

Panoramic camera for small to medium-sized rooms

180º panoramic coverage for your meetings

Thanks to the 180º panoramic coverage of its three 12MP cameras and 4K resolution, you will be able to make the most of your meeting room space. And thanks to its easy USB Type-C connection, you can use our Pano4K from the very first moment.

4K resolution with 12 MP triple camera

180-degree panoramic view

Two integrated digital microphones

Six different layout types


Compatible with all video conferencing services

Laia B&H Pano4K is compatible with all video conferencing services on the market, based on Windows or MacOS. You can use the software of your choice without having to install any type of programme. No strings attached, in a simple Plug&Play way.

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Multiple display options

Switch between the different layouts available thanks to its integrated software: no need for installation or complicated operations. Simply press the button on the top of the Laia B&H Pano4K and it will switch between its different viewing modes.

Body-fit mode
Laia B&H Pano4K follows the speakers as they move around the room, and automatically moves closer and further away depending on the number of attendees.
Grid mode
It automatically locates the participants by zooming in on the four key participants simultaneously, each in their own quadrant.
Presentation mode
Specially designed for corporate or educational presentations. With this mode you can focus on the whiteboard and the presenter at the same time.
Dynamic composition
Combine a panoramic view of the scene with close-ups of the members of the scene. Get an overview of the room as well as a close-up of six members.
Manual mode
Select the focus area thanks to the integrated software of this Laia B&H Pano4K and zoom in on the desired area of the room.
Body Tracking
You see a general shot of the meeting room while focusing on all participants simultaneously.

Main features

Make the most of your meeting room

4K UHD quality, three cameras and lenses, and configurations for recognition and viewing make our Laia B&H Pano4K the perfect choice for small to medium-sized meeting rooms.

4K video and microphones in one Plug & Play device

Complement your meetings with our B&H Talk

For meetings in larger rooms, you can connect your Laia B&H Pano4K with our Laia B&H Talk. Complement your video conferencing camera with this external microphone and speaker via Bluetooth connection.

Reunión videoconferencia Laia B&H Pano4K
Laia B&H Pano4K con Laia B&H Talk

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Control your video conferencing camera

With our Laia application you can change parameters such as brightness, zoom or the focus area of your video conferencing camera. With our control software you will give your professional videoconferences an extra boost by transforming your work room into the ideal space for your corporate meetings. 

Install your camera with Laia's wall and ceiling mounts

With our Laia ceiling and wall mount you can place your video conference camera in a fixed way in the place you prefer in your room. Get professional quality support with which you can forget about daily installations.

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