Laia Broadcaster Thermal

The thermal camera that works without a PC

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Protect the health of yours

Laia Broadcaster Thermal is the perfect thermal camera to control the entry, passage and exit of users in a specific area, whether due to the situation with the COVID-19 or any other disease that may cause an epidemic or pandemic.

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Use it without connecting it to a PC

The Laia Broadcaster Thermal allows its use to control crowded areas of people without having to have it connected to a PC. You can control this with a simple remote control that simplifies your experience of use and helps the most novice in the field. Its integrated software allows, simply by connecting it to a screen or monitor, to capture the temperature of all the users that its focus captures. Also, if you prefer, you can connect it to a PC to use this thermal camera more easily.

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Main features

With facial recognition and alarm system with photo capture in your PC

The integrated software of the Laia Broadcaster Thermal Image and its intelligent facial recognition application will protect the users of your company from possible security breaches, in terms of body temperature, among people who pass in front of their viewing angle . In addition, this software will make that when a temperature rise occurs between any user, the alarm will go off, shooting and archiving photos for better control of the situation.

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Technical characteristics

Make your thermal camera more precise with BlackBody

Our Laia Broadcaster Thermal has the option of adding our BlackBody to it. This addition is a temperature calibrating system that allows to improve the precision of the measurement and with it improves the reliability to immediately locate drops in body temperature for people with fever.

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Professional after-sales service with 3 years warranty

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime guarantee, including advanced replacement in case of failure in 48 hours (optional up to 5 years).

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Perfect for detecting elevated body temperatures

Laia Broadcaster Thermal is the thermal camera that your company needs. These cameras are usually installed in those places of crowded influx in your company (entrances, bathrooms…), as a containment measure for the COVID-19.

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