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Power your camera with AI Cam Control

Laia has designed and developed the AICC software to offer added value to its products by incorporating additional functionalities and tools that will allow to obtain greater benefits from the equipment.

The main features include the following:



AICC converts cameras that do not have PTZ functionality into PTZ cameras. You will be able to control your camera with the following PTZ functionalities: 

  • Zoom: In / Out / Delete
  • Tilt: Up / Down
  • Pan: Right / Left 
  • Return to PTZ start position



This function allows you to activate and adjust the automated tracking functionality, detecting the presence of a person and making the necessary PTZ adjustments so that the person remains correctly framed at all times. 



It allows control of certain functionalities through gesture detection, so that the speaker can activate or deactivate them with simple manual gestures.



It automatically generates a video composition in which the different participants that are detected in the video signal are cropped in mosaic form, as if each of them had an individual camera framing them. 



This way you can equip cameras that do not have built-in AI with artificial intelligence, giving that extra to the most basic devices, in addition to being able to convert it into ePTZ.

In the case of cameras that already have Artificial Intelligence, they add some key features that differentiate them from the rest of the market, in order to make a difference and provide the consumer with added value in their products.

With this software you can use it for both Laia cameras and other cameras on the market.

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