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Organize your spaces with myTeam Planner

Organize your spaces with myTeam Planner

The rise of coworking and new hybrid telecommuting work models has had a huge impact on office use and occupancy. Gone are the days of workstation allocation and the concept of "one space for all". In search of efficiency, the latest trends are moving towards the arrangement of different spaces according to the activity that the worker is performing.

So-called "hot seats" have thus grown post-pandemic and are related to Open Spaces, flexible working and teleworking. The workstations no longer belong to the employee, but are multi-purpose and must be booked to go to work, as is the case with other environments such as meeting rooms and coworking.

For all these reasons, more and more companies are deciding to take a fresh look at the management of their spaces.

myTeam Planner, an efficient solution for managing reservations

myTeam Planner is a reservation management system, an all-in-one solution (hardware and software) to optimize and plan your company's resources.

Allows you to reserve meeting rooms, stalls, parking spaces and cars, as and from wherever you want.

It is very easy to know when a resource is free or occupied, as the terminal has a status indicator. Green means that the room is available for use and red indicates that it is being used.

Book your room and save the date in your calendar, as myTeam Planner has full integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) and Google Calendar.

Reservations are very easy to make, as they can be made in three different ways:

  1. Access the myTeam Planner platform and book online. You will also be able to see the availability of the resources, since it has a calendar where you can check the occupancy.
  2. Send an invitation via Outlook. Take advantage of the meeting invitation to invite to the location's email address to reserve the room.
  3. Book from the room itself, with the myTeam Planner tablet.

In addition to booking different resources, you can also manage different services for each one:

  • Cleaning: You may request the cleaning of the rooms prior to your meetings. To do so, this must be assigned to the contact email of the person who will provide this service.
  • Catering: it will be possible to request catering in the desired location, indicating the email of the person in charge. The name of each service, such as coffee, juice, water, etc., must be added.
  • Necessary equipment: refers to fixed audiovisual equipment that can be found in meeting rooms or in the workplace, and the name, email and icon of each one should be established.
  • Computer support: this service is available if your meetings require it.
  • Others: it is possible to add other services, such as mobile equipment (audiovisual equipment по installed) or other special services as required (e.g. a Covid test).

Get a report on the use of your spaces

Thanks to myTeam Planner, booking management means that you will be able to know the usage statistics of your spaces. It is possible to get the information for each location and each resource, within specific timeframes. This involves details such as number, duration and type of bookings (via web, mobile, display, Outlook), user identification, meeting behavior (ended on time, ended early or cancelled), etc.

Adapts to the current needs of your company

myTeam Planner comes to help you with the new reality of your spaces, and it gives you total control of your resources and services to exploit the productivity of your company, offering both the manager and employees a simple and intuitive tool.

With this room booking model, you can adapt to today's hybrid work models by making it easier to share spaces with a single click.

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