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High quality videoconferencing to provide your company with the best audiovisual equipment specially designed to offer a perfect communication experience from all types of business environments. 

Quality, productivity and simplicity

Companies change. People evolve. And today’s workspace in the corporate sector requires teams that connect interests, departments or simply people. A scenario in which Laiatech arrives to present its professional videoconferencing products for companies and thus boost the company’s performance by optimising resources and efforts: no matter where they are located or the technology they use.

Premium quality

Premium quality

FullHD and 4K devices proven in a multitude of professional environments.

Ease of use for you

Ease of use

Get together easily with just one click thanks to our Plug&Play equipment.

Fully interoperable

Fully interoperable

Compatible with leading video conferencing and production services on the market.

Barra de videoconferencia Laia Cute UP 4K Pro
Cámara con seguimiento Laia Cute Voicetrack

Already trust us

At Laiatech we know that every room has different technical requirements and it is very difficult to generalise them. That is why we recommend different equipment for different types of rooms. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you.

Tailor-made AV solutions

The use of technology and different communication tools has enabled day-to-day office work to take place almost anywhere – from a normal conference room to a coffee shop. This amalgamation of environments requires tools and equipment that adapt to this variety.  At Laiatech we know this, which is why we present AV solutions designed and adapted to every environment.

Sala de conferencia pequeña

Small spaces, big ideas

Nowadays, most companies opt for smaller meeting spaces. Rooms designed for meetings of no more than six people. Spaces that, in terms of size, do not exceed ten square metres and condition the use of one type of equipment or another. Attention to detail and dedication to the interlocutors are the best assets of this type of room.

Barra para videoconferencia Laia Cute Up lite


The 4K bar with facial recognition

Integrated video conferencing device with a total of four microphones and wide-angle HD camera. In addition, it features facial recognition technology.
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Barra para videoconferencia B&H 4k


4K camera with facial recognition

4K video and microphones in a Plug & Play device with artificial intelligence and automatic framing for automatic close-up or general framing.
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Cámara y audio para videoconferencias

B&H Lite

FullHD bar for small rooms

All-in-one device designed for small meetings thanks to its 120° wide-angle lens.
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Barra para videoconferencia

myTeam 4K Windows

Windows 10-based 4K system for small and medium-sized rooms

Unify any communication need by introducing a Windows 10-based terminal in the meeting room, with multiple extra applications. Multi-technology system open to any application, microphones, professional loudspeakers...
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microfono externo laia cute up 4k pro

B&H Mic

Professional microphone for everyday use

The Laia B&H Mic allows 360° omni-directional audio pick-up and captures sounds at a range of up to 6 metres.
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altavoz videoconferencia Laia tpod bh talk micro

B&H Talk

360° omni-directional microphone/speaker

Get 360° omni-directional audio pick-up in spaces up to 5 metres. Enjoy a device with intelligent noise reduction and echo cancellation algorithms.
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Micrófono videoconferencia

t-Pod WiFi

Microphone - speaker with USB WiFi connector

The Laia t-Pod Wifi connects with Plug & Play to any PC and Mac, via ad-hoc WiFi, guaranteeing a much higher quality than Bluetooth solutions. Compatible with Microsoft, WebRTC, Webex, GoToMeeting, Pexip, Zoom, GoFacing, or Veedeeo among other platforms.
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Micrófono videoconferencia Laia tpod air pro 22

t-Pod Air Pro Beamforming

Smart, elegant, versatile

Ceiling/wall microphone with a pick-up range of up to 8 metres radius per microphone to capture audio in spaces up to 60 m².
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Full compatibility

Laia’s entire range of products are perfectly compatible with most video conferencing / production services in the AV market. Get secure, reliable and high quality connections that meet the technical standards of the market with Laiatech. In addition, we are compatible with wireless communication technologies, ensuring a total collaboration experience.

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