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t-Pod range

Professional audio solutions

Latest technology devices for all room sizes

t-Pod range

Audio devices for all types of rooms

  • Laia's most versatile audio solutions

With Laia t-Pod and its professional audio solutions, you will achieve perfect sound quality for your corporate videoconferences, regardless of the size of your room. Thanks to Laia’s entire range of audio devices, we make sure to cover all the needs of your professional video conferencing, being able to use a single t-Pod for medium rooms or connect several to each other without cables with the option of Laia t-Pod Dual or the t-Pod Quad version for larger or U-shaped rooms.

t-Pod range

The audio solution for small and medium rooms

  • The 3-in-1 audio terminal for your company

With Laia t-Pod Trio you will get professional quality audio thanks to its interactive software that brings together the best of three communication solutions: hands-free, VoIP telephone and a videoconference terminal. In addition, thanks to its ease of connection, Laia t-Pod trio will be the best friend of your other communication solutions such as phones, USB cameras or interactive whiteboards.

t-Pod range

The latest in audio solutions for medium and large rooms

  • High definition audio with beamforming technology.

The Laia t-Pod Beamforming is the newest addition to the Laia audio family. A conference terminal that will perfectly collect sound in medium and large rooms thanks to the latest Beamforming technology. This technology is capable of handling the radio frequency signal through an access point that uses multiple antennas to transmit the same signal.

t-Pod range

The ceiling audio solution

  • Cover up to 60 m² with a single device

With Laia t-Pod Air Pro you will get professional quality audio thanks to its 360º audio collection. In addition, thanks to its wide spectrum of collection, you can cover spaces of up to 60m² and, if your room is larger, you can interconnect up to four Air Pro terminals to maximize its range of audio collection.

Compatible with all video conferencing services on the market

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