Professional audio solutions 

State of the art devices for all room sizes

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Desktop microphones and speakers
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Ceiling microphones
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Professional audio solutions

The best desktop audio quality 

With Laia and our professional audio solutions you will achieve perfect sound quality for your corporate conferences regardless of the size of your room. A full range of desktop audio devices, to make sure we cover all your professional conference needs.

t-Pod WiFi

Plug & Play connection to any PC and Mac, via ad-hoc WiFi, with 8 hours of autonomy and a range of 6 meters.

Dual option with 2 Laia t-Pod WiFi

t-Pod BT

Speaker microphone with USB and Bluetooth connection. Microphone pickup range of 5 meters, full 360 ° range.

t-Pod Beamforming

Speaker microphone with array of 12 internal and 2 external unidirectional microphones with Beamforming technology. Supports wireless transmission.

t-Pod Quad 22 /22 plus

Large room microphone solution with 4 cascaded omni-directional microphones. Supports connection to other external equipment such as loudspeakers or handheld microphones. Wireless charging possible. Plus option with speaker.

Micrófono para videoconferencia Laia tpod quad 22 quad 22 plus

Microphone solutions

Ceiling microphone solutions

Enjoy crisp, clear conferencing with Laiatech’s ceiling microphones. Create a device-free environment on the table and forget about wiring with every meeting. Our devices offer a 360-degree coverage range. Different devices for different room types: from small/medium to large spaces such as auditoriums.

t-Pod Air Pro Beamforming

Ceiling device with 7 built-in microphones with which you will achieve up to 8 metres of coverage radius, for rooms of more than 60 square metres.

Micrófono videoconferencia Laia tpod air pro

t-Pod Air Pro Dual

2 omnidirectional microphones with a 10 meter pick-up radius. USB type B interface, easy installation and use.

altavoz videoconferencia

t-Pod Air Pro Quad

Audio controller with 4 omni-directional microphones with 10m pickup radius each linked in cascade capable of connecting with an array of active speakers. The perfect miking solution for large rooms.

altavoz videoconferencia

Professional audio solutions

If you want to see the different Laia audio systems, take a look at this chart and compare each of our products.