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Discover how to make a complete integration of all audiovisual devices for all types of environments.

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With Laia's AV solutions, you will be able to satisfy all your communication needs with total audiovisual integration in any environment.

Enjoy having all your AV resources integrated, getting the most out of your devices with the multiple possible usage options. From small integrations for teleworking or small rooms, to large convention and production centers. In addition, we have equipment equipped with NDI / SRT technology for Broadcaster environments.

Full integration and maximum productivity

BYOD / BYOM: create a complete wireless communication solution with all our devices. Fully integrated resources through myTeam Sharer by Laia. Connect all AV equipment in the room to myTeam Sharer and use the ones you need wirelessly at any time.


Full compatibility

Laia's entire range of products are compatible with most video conferencing / production services in the AV market. Get secure, reliable and high quality connections in compliance with the technical standards of the market.

Broadcast and Production Solutions

With Laia's cameras and control desks you can cover from a film or TV production to the streaming broadcast of an event. In addition, our Broadcaster range is compatible with the main production, streaming and wireless communication solutions.

Broadcaster 4K AI

Broadcaster 12/20X AI

t-Joy IP Broadcaster

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Prime Support" warranty
3-year warranty for your equipment

Through the professional IT and AV channel that guarantees an exclusive after-sales service in Spanish and a 3-year Prime warranty, including advanced replacement in case of failure within 48 hours.

Laia is a Spanish manufacturer with direct professional support.

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