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Live webcast of Pope Francis’ visit to Scholas Occurrentes headquarters

On the occasion of the arrival of Scholas in Valencia (Spain), Sydney (Australia) and Washington (United States), Pope Francis visited the headquarters located in Vatican City on May 20, 2021. A meeting that was broadcast live thanks to the Laiatech’s equipment and to the OneVite’s support and execution.

You can re-watch the event here, where you can see the camera jumps and shot changes that took place during the broadcast.

Retransmisión eventos online
Retransmisión evento
Retransmisión eventos online


Vatican City


myTeam TP100, Cute 30x, Broadcaster 20x and Broadcaster T-joy IP camera controllers



Scholas is an International Organization of Pontifical Right, present in 190 countries, integrating more than 400 thousand educational centers and reaching more than one million children and young people around the world. Its mission is to respond to the call to create a culture of encounter, bringing young people together in an education that generates meaning.

After the pandemic’s influence, Scholas Occurrentes has adapted its educational programs to continue developing its activities worldwide, carrying out the so-called “cyber-meetings” and thus, overcoming the adversity that prevails today.

“Thank you to all those who were present at this meeting, thank you for taking risks. Scholas cannot be understood without this attitude of taking risks, of always going beyond the limits.”

Pope Francis.

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Challenge: Physical/face-to-face event with connections from several countries around the world. 

The need to handle multiple cameras for different shots and approaches to achieve the perfect broadcast, which can be obtained with Laiatech’s camera controller.

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Benefits provided by Laiatech:

  • Ease of use:  One-click focus to where the viewer needs to focus its attention, from a panoramic space view to close-ups when necessary.
  • Speed and FullHD: Compatible with any videoconferencing system and operating system.
  • Quality: Spectators followed the event as if they were at the venue itself, without missing a single detail.
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Laiatech, specialist in AV solutions, has made the live broadcasting of Pope Francis’ visit to Scholas a reality, connecting to different sites around the world. The installation has been carried out together with OneVite: Broadcaster T-joy IP camera controller and myTeam TP100, Cute 30x, Broadcaster 20x cameras, each with different technical features to meet the specific needs of this event.

High-quality products that enable events to be broadcasted in FullHD via any videoconferencing system with first-class audio on both sides.

Installed products:

Cute 30x

Cámara USB videoconferencia laia cute 12x frente videoconferencia s
  • 30X optical zoom with leading autofocus speed.
  • “Crystal Clear” image quality.
  • Automatic gyroscope for your corporate environments.

Broadcaster 20x

Laia broadcaster 20x 30x
  • Panasonic 1 / 2.7 ″ sensor that ensures sharp 1920 x 1080 video at up to 60 fps.
  • Leading autofocus algorithm which makes the lens faster, more reliable and more accurate.
  • Includes NDI®|HX y SRT licenses.

myTeam TP100

  • FullHD Camera with 20x Optical Zoom.
  • Professional recording and streaming.
  • Compatible with ClickShare Conference by Barco.


t-Joy IP

sistema de audio para videoconferencia
  • Plug & Play control of cameras compatible with Visca by IP.
  • 4 axis Pan, Tilt and Zoom control with LCD display and real time menu.
  • Compatible with ONVIF, VISCA protocol.