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The Galician Administration of Justice implements Laia’s AV solutions in its courtrooms in order to be able to meet telematically with any of the parties involved in a judicial process. In this way, the Galician Administration of Justice adapts to the situation caused by COVID-19.

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Laia Cute 4K AI



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The courtrooms are the physical places where the actions, procedures and services requiring authentication and/or action by the Justice Administration in legal matters will be carried out.

As a result of Covid19 , the holding of legal proceedings had become a real problem in the Galician Administration of Justice due, above all, to problems during its meetings by telematic means. Equipping their courtrooms with Laiatech’s AV solutions ensures a perfect audio and video collection for professional quality online meetings by any of the parties involved in the court.

Cámaras para eventos
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Challenge: Urgent provision of the necessary means to the Courtrooms of the Galician Administration of Justice so that they can hold hearings by telematic presence of any of the parties involved and during the state of alarm caused by the COVID-19 health crisis.

Objective: to ensure that the parties involved in the competent processes of the administration can meet during the sessions of the Administration.

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Laiatech AV solutions implemented by ITELSIS Engineering and Integration:

  • Laia Cute 4K AI

A product that guarantees excellent 4K picture quality thanks to its 120° viewing angle.

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Laiatech, specialist in AV solutions, has made possible the adaptation of the courtrooms of the Galician Justice Administration to the telematic format imposed by the COVID19. Together with the certified integrator ITELSIS Engineering and Integration, 25 of the 40 courtrooms to be implemented with Laia solutions have already been installed. 

Installed products:

Laia Cute 4K AI

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • 4K image quality.
  • 120º viewing angle.
  • Artificial intelligence with ePTZ with autofocus.
  • Facial recognition for intelligent automatic production and 120° wide angle.