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“Remote and hybrid teaching for the Santiago and Lugo campuses of the USC”

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The University of Santiago de Compostela implements Laia’s AV solutions, thus integrating the hybrid education model and maintaining the quality of its teaching.  A process of adaptation to the new times with 290 equipped spaces: classrooms, assembly halls, lecture halls and degree halls across 25 faculties and 4 campuses.



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Laia Cute 12x camera

Laia T-pod Beamforming microphone/speaker



(Certified Installer)

The University of Santiago de Compostela has more than five centuries of history in the world of education.

It is a pioneering institution in the development of entrepreneurship policies, the promotion of R+D+i, and now also in the process of transformation towards quality hybrid education.

In recent months, they have not only implemented AV solutions in their facilities, but have also complemented it with other devices such as digitising graphic tablets or high quality webcams for personal use.

“After the effort made this year for the Virtual Campus, both in terms of applications and equipment, we have managed to enjoy absolute normality by combining face-to-face and telematic teaching”

Antonio López, Rector of the Santiago’s University

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Challenge: To adapt teaching to the hybrid format in order to meet the needs of all students regardless of their situation.

Objective: to ensure that those students who attend virtually have the possibility, not only to participate in the content of each class, but also to enjoy an educational experience of the same level or higher than the face-to-face one.

In short, to integrate the changes in record time, in the most natural and least invasive way possible, in order to guarantee quality education and facilitate adaptation to this new model.

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Laiatech AV solutions implemented by ITELSIS Engineering and Integration:

  • Professional PTZ cameras with full HD resolution and 12x optical zoom
  • Digital micro-speaker devices with Beamforming technology

Products that guarantee excellent image and audio quality. This makes it possible to broadcast lessons without missing a single detail: from close-ups of the blackboard to any sound emitted in the classroom, whatever its size, thanks to the 12 high-sensitivity microphones.

It is also prepared for streaming to all types of audiences if the situation requires it.

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Laiatech, a specialist in AV solutions, has made the adaptation of the classrooms to the new hybrid format a reality. Together with the certified integrator Ingeniería e Integración ITELSIS, two types of equipment have been installed: cameras and microphones/speakers, 290 units of each. High-quality products that broadcast the classes in FullHD via any videoconferencing service with first-class audio on both sides.

Installed products:

Laia Cute 12x

laia cute 12x frente videoconferencia s
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • 12X optical zoom with auto focus leading in speed, stability and sharpness.
  • Crystal clear” picture quality.
  • Automatic gyroscope.

Laia t-pod Beamforming

Laia t pod beamforming frente videoconferencia audio
  • High-definition audio with beamforming technology.
  • Array of 12 internal unidirectional microphones.
  • Wireless transmission capability, no wiring required.