Success story:

Illescas’s City Council, Toledo

The Illescas Town Council has joined the telematic adaptation caused by the COVID-19 incident. Together with Laiatech, it has decided to equip its plenary hall with the necessary AV products to achieve first-class quality in its meetings.


Toledo, Spain


CUTE 12X-30X camera
T-JOY IP Camera controller 



The Plenary Hall is where the Municipal Corporation meets to debate and vote on all issues relating to Illescas and its citizens.

Following the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings of people in closed spaces have been affected. Therefore, the Illescas Town Council has considered it appropriate to equip this room with some of Laiatech’s AV solutions, with the aim of carrying out the meetings telematically with the same quality, or better, than in person. 


Challenge: Due to the pandemic, need to equip the facilities with audio-visual equipment for the proper conduct of meetings.

Objective: To ensure that all participants are able to meet and communicate excellently during the sessions.


Laiatech AV solutions implemented by Sauloarte:

  • Two Laia Cute 12X cameras
  • One Laia Cute 30X camera
  • One Laia Broadcaster T-Joy IP Camera Controller

PTZ cameras with automatic gyroscope for all types of environments, combined with the camera controller that guarantees the excellent quality of the production, perfectly managing the shots.

Products that guarantee excellent image and audio quality in all types of rooms with devices prepared to be able to broadcast in “streaming” if the occasion requires it.


Laiatech, specialist in AV solutions, has made the adaptation of the classrooms to the new hybrid format a reality. Together with the integrator Sauloarte, two types of equipment have been installed: cameras and camera controllers. High quality products that achieve FullHD broadcasts through any videoconferencing system with first class audio.

Installed products:

Laia Cute 12x/30x

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • 12X to 30X optical zoom (depending on model) with leading auto focus for speed, stability and sharpness.
  • Crystal clear” picture quality.

Laia t-Joy IP

  • Plug & Play control of Visca-compatible cameras over IP
  • 4-axis Pan, Tilt and Zoom control with LCD display and real time menu
  • ONVIF compatible, VISCA protocol.