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The “immediate future” of hybrid education

la educación híbrida en el Colegio Base

The Base School has implemented Laia’s audiovisual solutions with the aim of maximising the student’s experience and knowledge, merging the positive aspects of online education without forgetting the importance of the socialising work of the educational centre.

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Alcobendas, Madrid


Laia Cute 10x camera

Laia T-pod Lite Microphone/Speaker



Colegio Base is an educational centre founded in Madrid with more than 50 years of history.

Following its methodological line of innovation, the school has implemented the regular use of iPads and digital whiteboards in classes from a very early age, as well as robotics and programming projects.

Following the restart of the school year in September 2020, it has integrated hybrid education to alleviate the incidence of COVID19 and ensure that all pupils receive a quality education regardless of their situation.

“Our goal from the beginning was to replicate most of the school dynamics in an online environment. We were already doing this, but not with the intensity required at the moment. Thanks to Laiatech’s good equipment and its hybrid classroom solutions, we have been able to implement this new educational modality”.

Manuel Bellón, Director of the Base School

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Challenge: Due to the pandemic, need to convert classrooms to hybrid.

For the return to school in September 2020, the objective was to remain an innovative centre and to continue to make progress in order for students to achieve the intended training, optimising education thanks to the hybrid model.

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Colegio Base chooses Laiatech because of:

  • Ease of use: The teacher can focus with a single click where the student should focus his attention, from a panoramic view of the classroom to a close-up of the blackboard or the teacher himself.
  • Speed and FullHD: Compatible with any videoconferencing system and operating system.
  • Quality: Students will follow the classes as if they were in the classroom itself, as the teacher will direct the camera where they need to focus their attention, without missing any detail.
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Laiatech, a specialist in AV solutions, has made the adaptation of the classrooms to the new hybrid format a reality. Together with the integrator OneVite, two types of equipment have been installed: cameras and microphones/speakers. High-quality products that enable classes to be broadcast in FullHD via any videoconferencing system with first-class audio on both sides.

Installed products:

Laia Cute 10x

Cámara USB videoconferencia
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • 10X optical zoom with leading auto focus for speed, stability and sharpness.
  • Professional image quality

Laia t-pod Lite

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • High-definition audio with PC connection via USB (and Bluetooth on BT model)
  • Microphone range up to 5 metres, full 360° range