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Laia bets on hybrid education

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The professional videoconferencing solutions company Laia presents its new education packs designed for the hybrid training of students after the implementation of the “new reality”

Online education has become the most popular type of teaching in recent months. A trend that has made the educational model of an entire society rethink: from schools to universities. A type of teaching that requires adaptation of classrooms. At Laia we know this, we are experts in AV communication and we want to provide the opportunity to transform and evolve educational centers with the help of our packs designed by and for hybrid training (classes in the classroom and online).

Hybrid education or training is an alternative teaching method that mixes online education with traditional face-to-face. A modality that has more and more followers, since it maximizes the student’s experience with the positive of each educational variant. In short, hybrid training is a teaching method that aims to complement the world of education thanks to the use of new technologies. Technologies such as Laia’s classroom microphone and camera packs: Cute Small Pack, for small classrooms; Cute Mid & Big Pack, for medium and large classrooms.

The first of these packs, the Cute Small, is the educational pack designed for small classrooms. This pack consists of the Laia Cute 4K AI professional camera and the Laia t-Pod tabletop microphone. With Cute 4K AI you will ensure 4K video quality as well as intelligent autofocus and zoom thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. On the other hand, with our Laia t-Pod microphone you will forget about cables on the table thanks to its connection via Bluetooth with PC. In short, a very complete audio and video pack with which students can follow the teacher’s explanations through the videoconferencing service of their choice, since Laia’s equipment is interoperable with most services on the market (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, goFacing…).

The second of the Laia education packs is the Cute Mid & Big, designed for medium and large classrooms. At Laia we know that not all classrooms require the same benefits to carry out hybrid training for their students. This is why Laia presents two types of cameras and microphones to meet the needs of all our users. In the cameras section we have the Laia Cute 10x and the Laia Wire-Free Kit for medium-sized classrooms and the Laia Cute 12x / 30x for large rooms and auditoriums. The first, the Laia Cute 10x, stands out for its connection via USB, 1920 × 1080 resolution and up to 30 fps with an autofocus technology that will make your classroom the perfect space to give all your classes online. The Laia Wire-Free Kit will eliminate the cables for any video conferencing tool and you will have a camera with a 10x optical zoom and a microphone (optional) for each team. As for the camera dedicated to large rooms, the Laia Cute 12x / 30x, we have to refer to this as possibly the best USB, HDMI, SDI & Ethernet camera in the world: FullHD resolution at 60fps, 12X / 30X optical zoom + 5x digital and up to 255 presets.

Regarding the audio part of this Cute Mid & Big pack, we must mention two of the new terminals of the Spanish firm Laia: the Laia t-Pod Beamforming and the Laia t-Pod Air Pro. The Laia t-Pod Beamforming stands out for the use of beamforming technology in your software. A technology capable of handling the radio frequency signal through an access point that uses multiple antennas to transmit the same signal. With this we will achieve a professional audio quality thanks to its matrix of 12 omni-directional microphones that will be oriented automatically towards the speaker. And the t-Pod Air Pro is Laia’s 360º unidirectional ceiling microphone. A perfect type of microphone to forget about cables and equipment on the table: just teach your class, the Laia t-Pod Air Pro will do the rest for you. Capable of perfectly capturing audio in rooms up to 60m². But if your classroom is larger you can connect up to a total of 4 interconnected Air Pro in cascade.

Advantages of Laia equipment

The main advantage of Laiatech classroom solutions is interoperability and quality of equipment. Interoperability since Laiatech classroom video conferencing equipment is compatible with most video conferencing services on the market such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom or goFacing among many others.

And as for the quality of the Laia terminals, we must say that this is one of the main hallmarks of the Spanish brand. With Laia’s classroom solutions, students will be able to enjoy their classes in real time and in FullHD quality from the comfort and safety of their homes, or from any place and device. In addition, with our education pack you will also have the possibility to record your classes and / or broadcast them by streaming. The possibilities of your hybrid classroom with Laia increase, offering your students a step beyond traditional education.

In addition, Laia guarantees exclusive after-sales service and a 3-year Prime Support warranty extendable to 5 years, including advanced replacement in case of failure within 48 hours.

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